Net Protections Holdings, Inc. (“the Company”) announces the following basic compliance policy concerning the basic policy of compliance(*) to be observed by officers, employees, and the like in order to achieve sustainable development while fulfilling its social responsibilities and realize its corporate philosophy.
(※)“Compliance” is an initiative in which each worker, including the management, complies with laws and regulations and social norms and ensures honest conduct with a high level of ethics.

1. We will act in accordance with the rules as members of society.

We will conduct fair transactions in compliance with laws and regulations, social norms, and internal regulations.
With awareness of being members of society, we will take moderate actions.
We will strive to have a smooth exchange of opinions and conduct fair internal decision-making based on rules.

2. We will strive to provide services that satisfy our customers and enhance their trust in us as a company.

We will maintain our focus on our customers and provide sufficient explanations when conducting transactions.
We will accept customer feedback in good faith and make use of it for providing services.
Each one of us will perform our assigned duties in good faith and will not engage in any improper conduct.

3. We will properly protect and manage information.

We will strictly manage any information we have obtained through our business in compliance with relevant laws.
We will create an adequate information security environment and provide a secure information system environment.
We will make sure to strictly manage and handle personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Policy.

4. We will strive to disclose information in an appropriate manner.

We will properly manage information to be stored and keep an environment that will enable us to accurately disclose it when necessary.
We will not make any improper or misleading records in our accounting materials.
We will properly handle company information and will not engage in insider trading.

5. We will strive to prevent corruption.

We will comply with the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the British Bribery Act, and any other anti-corruption laws and regulations.

6. We will maintain sound relationships with our business partners.

We will have no transactions with anti-social forces such as organized crime groups or corporate extortionists (sokaiya).
We will maintain fair and free relationships with our business partners and will not make any unreasonable demands or the like (including bribery and any other corruption).
We will respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and use them appropriately.

7. We will realize a work environment with high morals.

We will strictly observe labor-related laws and strive to create a fair and honest corporate culture.
We will strive to prevent any instances of harassment and maintain a work environment with high morals.
We will respect each other and create an attractive working environment.

Revised on August 1, 2019
Net Protections Holdings, Inc.