Introducing Net Protections' culture


Teal Organization

Net Protections strives to achieve members' self-actualization and social development
by supporting the growth of entrepreneurship and innovation with the teal organization that realizes members' self-control, fair-distribution, and collaboration.

Natura: HR Evaluation Program

Natura is a HR evaluation program designed for the teal organization that realizes members' self-control, specialization, and cooperation.
The purpose of evaluation is for appropriate reward distribution and mutual growth support.
By eliminating the sense of competition among members and nurturing psychological stability, Net Protections hopes to create an environment where members can focus on growth and realization more than ever before.

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We also strives to "Create New Standards" for our organization. It is always important to be a flat and essential organization to achieve the "New Standard."

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Net Protections has been running the next-generation leader support program for college students since 2010 and for middle and high school students from 2019. 
The program is operated every year to nurture young leaders for the next-generation.
It is one of the ways to symbolize the culture of Net Protections.

Net Protection's Philosophy



As the leading provider of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services, we strive to realize a society where anyone can conduct business safely and smoothly

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The watchword for our recruitment is "THINK FLAT". As the words say, aiming for a flat society without distortion,
Because it is a company that continues to think about the ideal way of flat business and organization every day,
In terms of recruitment, we want the relationship between companies and students to be flat.
That's how we think.

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