Create New Standards

Since we started to offer NP Atobarai in 2002,
we have been the leading company of the BNPL market in Japan.
Furthermore, we, as a teal organization, have created our own corporate culture and philosophy in which members can act as themselves.
With our mission "Create New Standard," we aim to create new standard for both business and organization.


To create genuine business relationships

We dedicate our business to providing safe services and maintaining relationships with customers and partners without dishonesty.

To build a company with everyone

Every single one of us is responsible for business and culture building.

To treasure the feeling of excitement

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

To create and maintain truthful relationships

Our goal is to be truthful towards stakeholders, customers and partners, and to build a culture where everyone work with each other sincerely.

To turn our differences into the power of the organization

We based our culture building on respecting diverse viewpoints, perspectives and approaches.

To respect one's wishes.

Choose your own career path, live your own life.

To demand, and to support

We aim to build keep-growing organization which fosters a corporate culture that enhances both demand and support.


The essense

Capture the essence of things without being restrained by existing ideas by developing a broad and deep knowledge.

Pull together as a team

By having everyone think and act assertively and pulling together as a team, greater results can be generated.

The best only

Having a firm belief and passion, always pursue the best result.

Truthful and honest relationships

We take the voices around us seriously, and respond with sincere compassion and gratitude.

Always improving ourselves

Expand our possibilities by raising our aspirations and continuing to learn.