Basic Policy

We are committed to making a sustainable contribution to achieving the distortion-free society by confronting friction and inefficiency in the services we provide, in our relationships with customers and partners, and in the creation of our organization. To this end, we work with sincere and change-oriented team members and support their career growth to have long-term perspetives. We have also built an organization with no hierarchy, so each team member can consider their role independently and collaborate with others flexibly. This environment maximizes the energy of each team member and is our business driving force.

Basic Policy

Contribution to local communities and society

Together with our partners, we are committed to regional development through a variety of corporate activities and contribute to the realization of sustainable regions.

Recruitment and Career Growth Support

We believe that the best way to maximize the motivation of each team member and the business performance of the Group is for each team member to achieve self-fulfillment in accordance with his/her personal characteristics and wishes through his/her work. Based on a teal organization that realizes "autonomy, decentralization, and collaboration," we will continue to support the career growth of our team members who will CREATE NEW STANDARDS.


More than half of our team members are involved in recruitment activities (employer information sessions, job interviews, casual interviews, etc.), which are fundamental to management. It is possible to recruit ideal team members who are best-suited for the company, because MVV is deeply penetrated company-wide.

Human resource development

New team members receive six months of training to learn various skills. As part of the training, all team members complete IT skills training. Support and opportunities for continuous learning are also provided.

Vision sheet

The "Vision sheet" system in which each team member fills in his or her own vision of the future, desired field of work, transfer requests, etc., and makes this information available to all team members. We realize an environment in which team members are assigned to positions according to their aspirations.

Autonomous, Decentralized, Collaborative Teal Organization

In order to realize the long-term growth and well-being of each team member and achieve high performance, we promote the fostering of psychological safety and mutual growth support. In addition, by not defining each individual's role by department or position, we prevent the organization from becoming cloistered while all team members flexibly make decisions and promote business with a long-term perspective.

*Teal organization: By transferring authority and responsibility for decision-making from managers to each team member, the concept of roles such as manager and leader, supervisor and subordinate, is eliminated, and the organization acts in harmony to achieve organizational objectives


Our HR evaluation system "Natura," which abolished the manager system, has enabled decision-making that respects the opinions of all team members, regardless of their age or position.


The "Working Group" system allows proactive participation in operations related to company-wide management, such as new base establishment and new business planning. It also supports dual roles, preventing the organization from becoming cloistered and encouraging flexible collaboration.

Company retreat

The "Family" system that supports relationship building regardless of department or year. Semi-annual company-wide kickoffs and internal newsletters that build the foundation for organizational development.

Creating an Inclusive Environment that Brings out the Potential of All

We are committed to creating an inclusive environment that draws out the potential of each individual for self-fulfillment and contribution to society, regardless of nationality, gender, age, values, disabilities, or lifestyle differences.


We are working on various measures to remove barriers to the success of human resources with various attributes such as nationality, gender, age, values, and disabilities.


As lifestyles and work styles diversify, we are working to create an environment and system that facilitates individual and organizational capabilities in a flexible manner, regardless of location or time.

Open information

In order to pursue results, growth, and happiness, we are working to create a system in which information is open to all team members and the status of management, business, and the organization is always shared.

Contribute to Business and Market Expansion

Existing business

Because we are an organic organization that is not top-down, we are able to promote business that is close to the frontlines and to develop BNPL services that fit a wide variety of industries. Through our BNPL services, we contribute to the sustainable development of society and companies by supporting the digital transformation.

Growth support for ventures and startups

Ventures and startups can focus on their core business by outsourcing the troublesome billing and collection work.

Contribution to the development of the e-commerce and digital content markets

By providing a simple and secure BNPL service that does not require a credit card number, and by preventing fraud and abuse, we allow customers who have avoided online shopping to shop online with peace of mind.
(For more information on each service, please visit each website (click  for NP Atobarai, for atone)

Resolving labor shortage

We promote digital transformation by undertaking billing and collection work in the food and beverage industry, where the delivery person is responsible for collecting money in cash, and in the housekeeping and remodeling industry, where cash is often used at work sites.
(For more information on the services, please visit each website (click  for NP Atobarai air,  for NP kakebarai)

New business creation

As a result of each and every team member's consideration of the "ideal service," a variety of new services that eliminate social distortions are being created.

Second-year new graduate: NP Atobarai air

NP Atobarai air is a BtoC BNPL service for on-site services. For more information, click .

Fourth-year new graduate: Atonegime

Atonegime is a Pay What You Want (PWYW) service that buyers pay the desired price for a particular product, commodity, or service for their experience. For more information, click .

Fouth-year new graduate: AFTEE

AFTEE is a BNPL service that localized the assets and knowledge of the NP Atobarai to Taiwan. For more information, click .

Non-Financial Information

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