President's Message

Investor Relations

柴田社長 柴田社長

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to our shareholders and investors for continued support.
With our mission statement, "CREATE NEW STANDARDS", our group aims to create and expand innovative system in both organizational and business developments.
For organizational development, we have adapted teal organization and have created a flat structure where all members can stay focused on and dedicate their passion to our business. With this autonomous and collaborative environment, we are confident that we keep creating innovation going forward.
For business development, we have been operating for 20 years as the pioneer of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service in Japan.
During the past two decades, we have been working to improve and sophisticate our ability to identify and absorb credit risks, ability to efficiently handle millions of transactions every month. With these two capabilities, we have developed and expanded into our target markets such as BtoC/BtoB, physical merchandize/non-physical merchandize, online/offline, and domestic/overseas markets.
Through our service, we believe we can contribute to enhancing productivity of the society as a whole by reducing risk and burden of money collection in business transactions.
We aim to become an indispensable company as the infrastructure that supports business transactions in Japan and in the world.
We will continue to make investments with long term growth perspective, striking a good balance between investment and profit generation, and try to enhance our corporate value.
I would like to ask our shareholders for their warm support and guidance going forward.

President and Representative Director