Basic Policy

With our mission statement, "CREATE NEW STANDARDS", our group aims to create and expand innovative system in both organizational and business developments.
Specifically, on the business side, we provide Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solutions to enable all stakeholders to conduct business transactions without hassle and without credit risk. On the organization side, we have adopted teal organization in which every member autonomously takes roles and executes businesses.
With this organizational principle, we want to encourage our members to grow further, maintain thier motivations and spirits, and enhance thier performances.
Our group believe that the best way to maximize our members' motivation and our company's performance is to allow all members to fulfill their self-achievement based on each member's characters and wishes through our businesses. In our organization, every member is taking leadership and responsibility as a future leader of the company.
The organization also allows members to collaborate with each other regardless of teams and functions.
We have created an organization where Autonomy, Delegation, Collaboration are pursued and achieved. Based on this management philosophy, and with the responsibility as a public entity of society, all directors and members of the company will comply with laws, regulations, and the Articles of Incorporation and perform and operate our businesses based on sound social norms.


【NPHD】Corporate Governance PDF (235KB)