Competitive Advantage

High credit approval rate and low delinquency rate

Our sophisticated credit screening system is the biggest source of competitive advantage for our services. Combining AI technology and big data accumulated over the past 20 years, we have been able to achieve the high credit approval rate and low delinquency rate.

Sophisticated Credit Screening System

※1 NP後払いにおける2022年3月期の取引登録件数のうち、NG件数を除いた割合(ユニークユーザーに限る)※2 2023年3月31日時点。※3 2022年3月時点の自動審査率。

Delinquency Rate in BtoC (NP Atobarai)

※1 各期のNP後払いにおける取扱高のうち、18ヶ月を超えて未払いとなった取引額の割合(2022年3月期については、2023年3月末時点で未払いとなっている取引額の割合(貸倒処理前のものを含む))

Operational Capability To Support Merchants

Every company which choose our BNPL payment service has its unique business model and commercial practice.Therefore, while reducing costs for process of operation which can be standardized, we make fine adjustments to meet the industry/company-specific needs. This satisfies not only companies using our service but also customers/companies' clients while building credibility in our service.

Service Quality Improvement Mechanism

"A solid merchant/user base with high operational capability and risk control ability generates a virtuous cycle, making our service chosen by merchants and customers. "

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